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Tendering is a major opportunity for business owners.  Tenders are typically highly lucrative long-term contracts that can completely transform your business.  If you win a tender, you will be guaranteed a regular income stream, establish your reputation and be more likely to win funding in the future.

There is just one problem.  Tender preparation can be complicated, difficult, and confusing.  Perhaps you have invested time, resources, and energy into preparing tenders, but you haven’t had any success.

  • Maybe you believe that the tendering process is too complex and difficult for you to manage.
  • You’ve been thinking about submitting a tender, but you’re intimidated by the complexity of the process.
  • Regardless of your situation, The Writing Wizards, as tender writers, can help you prepare a targeted tender response that fully complies with submission requirements.

Professional tender writers apply careful analysis, planning, and management.  Competition is extremely fierce, so only the very best tender responses are even considered. Even minor discrepancies can cause a tender to be eliminated before it is fully evaluated.

Need supporting documentation - quality, safety and environmental plans - look at our Business Toolbox

If you want to win tenders, you need a professional tender writer

The Writing Wizards are your tender partners and business writers, creating a clear and compelling tender response that will help you succeed.

Before we start as tender writers, we make sure you’re fully prepared.  Steps in the evaluation process include:

  • Determining if your business is a good fit for the tender
  • Helping you understand the requirements
  • Evaluating and measuring all aspects of your business
  • Preparing your company documents
  • Preparing your systems, policies, and reporting processes
  • Providing the structure for cashflows and budgets
  • Planning your tender strategy

Once we’ve ensured that everything is in place, we will write your tender response.  We handle the entire process for you including:

  • Identifying information and evidence
  • Preparation of rationales
  • Completely answering selection criteria
  • Preparing safety and QA statements
  • Surveying clients or members of the community
  • Preparation and presentation of all materials and supporting documentation
  • Managing the entire tender process

Your allocated tender writer will fully customise content to your audience.  It’s important to let your prospective client know that you understand the market.  A professional tender preparation will highlight the benefits of your business across all areas including experience, quality control, cost savings, ongoing support, financial stability, innovation and R&D.

We will help you identify risk factors in advance and provide supporting documentation as evidence of your reliability.  Types of supporting documentation may include client references, detailed work procedures, and company policies.

Our experience submitting successful as tender writers spans a range of industries including:

  • Security
  • Furniture supply
  • Trades
  • Construction and Equipment Hire
  • Pest and Weed Control
  • Farming
  • Irrigation
  • Cleaning
  • Real Estate Management
  • Storage and Freight
  • Sewage and Water Supply
  • Insurance
  • Private Investigation

We write tenders for major companies and Government bodies such as Ergon Energy, Defence, The Department of Communities, Disability Employment Services and FACSHIA.

Don’t waste more of your valuable time preparing unsuccessful tender responses.  Let the professional tender writers at The Writing Wizards prepare a tender response that has a high chance of success.

The cost of our services depends on the specific requirements.  We provide a written quote at the beginning of the project based on a comprehensive evaluation.

What other people are saying about us

Good morning Emma,
 Just heard yesterday that our tender was successful !  No doubt this success was due to the tender application that you assisted us with, which we considered to be very professional, something we would definitely not have achieved on our own!

Sorry we didn't have any feedback from the Department and for the delay in getting back to you - just didn't have any news until now.

 We were very happy with the work done by your company & would use your services again in any future tenders of this nature

Until next time 


Jill Palmer, Big River Housing


Hi Emma,

I have been meaning to write to John and yourself for a while now but I have been a little busy with work and the three little ones at home make it only possible to complete essential tasks like bike riding and playing in the sand pit.

In regard to the tender submissions you prepared for us, we have had excellent results.  We won. I have no doubts that this success is largely due to the professional presentation of our submissions. Without the patient and committed assistance I received from Writing Wizards we simply would not have been in the race. I am very thank full and recommend your services to other local businesses.

I look forward to working with you guys again, no doubt I'll be in touch soon.

Thanks Again,

Ryan Kelly, Director Rhino Dive Pty Ltd

 Invest in your future by winning a tender that will help you grow your business.

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