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Everyone has an option, who can you trust? Your job is simple provide an employer with enough information to decide if you are the person for the job. Simple? No? Trust the content experts with the experience and exposure across all industries.

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Art Gallery Assistant

Disability Support Worker

Why do clients keep coming back?

I am happy to inform you that I obtained a position at a mine site in the Northern Territory in March. I was very happy with my resume and cover letter. It was money well spent. The whole process was easy and I felt that I was listened to in regards to my employment goals. So once again, thank you all for your help. I have recommended you to other people as well. Robert. [15/05/15]


I was successful in getting my work experience at the hospital so thank you very much. I was also very satisfied with the work that you's provided for me. Thanks, Brianna  [15/05/15]


I was very happy with the package you provided. The 2 interviews I had both provided feedback that my application was very professional and of a high standard. I haven't landed a position as yet, but that's certainly no reflection on my resume and cover letter.  Thanks very much, Nathan [15/05/15]



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Job Application have changed

The Game has changed

The market is changing and so are applications.  In the past you might have sent your resume in the mail.  Now you are more likely to spend hours completing an online form and creating a digital resume.  You may have even included every job you had. Now the job market is more competitive and there is no guarantee of success.  More people looking and easy for employers to be picky.  

Are you up to date?

  • Digital submission
  • Short, sharp resume that gives an employer exactly what they want
  • Easy to read and present online
  • Clear sections
  • Well written content, easy to read

Select a package and save

Job Application Package

Combine a resume and cover letter together and save 5% off the total. Each package is individually prepared and written to meet your exact requirements, position or career.

Unlimited edits

MSWord document

Backup copy on a database

Defence Package

Are you a current serving member of the Australian Defence Force or recently discharged. We have a package designed especially for Defence members. With our experience we solve the biggest problem with Defence members, helping civilians understand your skills and experience. 

Excellent knowledge of Defence positions

Save 20%

Professional resume and cover letter

School Leaver Package

We all have to start somewhere. Need job? Need experience to get a job? You will be pleasantly surprised how we can find employable skills and experience from part time work, certificate courses, volunteer work and work experience. Start your career with the right tools, resume or complete package with cover letter and resume.

Save 48%

Select resume or complete package with cover letter

The Important stuff

Step 1: Contact Us

Click on the contact us or call the number above and we will discuss your individual requirements. We can advise price and provide an introductory package.

Step 2: Interview

We will schedule a time and call you. This is important. You don't have to do anything but we will ask you about your training and courses, employment history , referee details and the focus of your resume or job you are applying for.

Set aside about 30 minutes

Step 3: The Writing

This typically takes about 3 - 4 working days.  We prepare all written material and put your resume in a professional style.  This is our job and we do it well.  

Information is based on the interview, old resumes and our extensive knowledge.

Step 4: Editing

Unlimited edits

We send a draft for your approval.  We expect and want feedback from clients.  Check everything carefully, we will make any number of changes until the final draft is complete and you are happy. Our goal is to make sure you have a resume that will get results and shows to an employer what you have to offer.

Our expertise takes your ability to write resumes out of the selection process. 

Step 5: Final Copy

All material is provided in MSWord so you can change and edit yourself.  We keep a copy on a database, just in case.

What about updates? Yes we can update with new jobs and even change the focus for a small fee.  We even run a free update special 3 - 4 times a year if you can wait.

What do I get for my money?

Individual interview over the phone

Resume and / or cover letter prepared specifically for you

MSWord completed document

Unlimited edits until you are happy with the final product

Back up copy held on database

Don't waste more time

Call 1300 723 735, we make job applications easy.

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We have been writing selection criteria since 2001.  Up to date with the latest 2 and 3 page responses, we can help you through the complete process. Worried about the star process, no need, we will even help in selecting the right examples.

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Resume and Cover Letter Template Packages

We know times are tough.  We have a range of resume and cover letter packages based on real positions.  We used our knowledge or each role and prepared a resume for you to adjust.  At just $25 for a resume and cover letter already written this is the best value and most professional template package on the net.

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Interview Coaching

We don't have a page for this, but we certainly do it.  One hour session with a mock interview held over the phone. Real feedback provided immediately. Get a feel for how you perform and where to improve.  We will even send you a recording of your performance and an eBook.

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