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There are no shortcuts. If you have worked for Government, and we have, you know the recruitment process. Are you suitable for the position? Will you be competitive? We care more about your success than making a quick dollar. Why do customers come back? Because we are happy to tell them when there is a chance they may be unsuccessful.

Do you understand the following?

  • STAR Principle
  • Capability and Leadership Framework
  • Situation Action Outcome
  • Demonstrated Experience
  • Not only should you know this but be able to write your application in these styles.


All Applications; All Levels

Most recent Applications [April 2015]

  • Corrective Services [Administration]
  • CQU [Lecturer]
  • Queensland Health [Admin / Assistant in Nursing]
  • TAFE [Admin]



Why do clients keep coming back?

Shortlisted for the Registrar / Manager AO4 position; 

Good morning, Good news below had to share !!

Thank you sooooo much John 

You are amazing !

Interesting recruitment process with the assessment first before final selection 

Cheers have said good day 

I will !!!

Kathleen Carew  



Hi John, My friend at Qld health who has done heaps of panels said that my resume & statement of claims were awesome.

Thanks again for your help this morning.


Hi,  This looks great and fresh, thank you! And such a fast response, truly appreciated. I will take this as an early Christmas present. My daughter just said my previous CV version looks like it is from the 60’s in comparison to the updated version! lol Chaye


Hi John, I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed the Governance Manager.  Thank you for your help and assistance.

Regards, Juanita


Emma, I didn’t get an interview with DHA but did for the other position.  I was up against currant public servants, and missed out.

 I found your service good and relied and your knowledge.  I would use you again in the future if necessary. Jim


Know you need help already?

Call 1300 723 735 or contact us and we will guide you through the whole application from selecting examples to writing and presentation.  Let us take care of your application.

Win jobs

Be Short, Sharp and Concise

We have been writing Government applications for 14 years. Starting out we wrote 1 - 2 pages per application. A lot of people and not a lot of evidence. The two page application has arrived and is well and truly making a difference. Your job, make a shot concise statement on how you can do the job.  

Government jobs have never been so competitive

Winning a Government job is more than about your skill. The process is complex for a reason. Selection panels analyse every part of your application, miss any component and you will be unsuccessful. Tick these boxes to be successful:

  • Practical examples with real examples
  • Answer every criteria to the highest level
  • Meet strict guidelines on length and word count
  • Match your application with resume and interview

Be professional, targeted and direct and you will be successful.

Be selected on evidence not writing ability

2 Page Response

The most common of Government applications. Now used by all Government departments including the Queensland Police Service. in two pages you use the STAR method to show examples on how you complete a task that matches the position. No fluff, straight to the point. You need the right structure and examples to show off your depth of knowledge.

Help selecting examples

STAR structure

Professional presentation

3 Page and Larger

Typically used by Federal Government and some State departments, universities and private organisations. Use more expanded examples to demonstrate process and knowledge. The key to success: provide enough information to convince the panel you are the person for the job without causing sleep or boredom.

All positions and all departments

No application is too hard

Behavioural based questions

Sometimes people just have to be different, Government is no exception. Every now and then departments will throw in some questions or scenarios. Link this back to the position and select examples that thoroughly answer each one. Help is only a call away, we make all applications easy.

14 years experience

Knowledge of the complete recruitment process

The Important stuff

Step 1: Contact Us

Click on the contact us or call the number above and we will discuss your individual requirements. We can advise price and arrange a time to talk.

Step 2: Interview

We will schedule a time and call you. This is important. You don't have to do anything but we will ask you for examples that match the position. Usually this section is called "Are you the right person for the job?" Don't worry we will walk you through each step of selecting an example and then getting us the right information.  

Set aside about 30 - 60 minutes

Step 3: The Writing

This typically takes about 3 - 4 working days.  We prepare all written material and put your application in a professional style.  This is our job and we do it well.  

Information is based on the interview, old applications, resumes and our extensive knowledge.

Step 4: Editing

Unlimited edits

We send a draft for your approval.  We expect and want feedback from clients.  Check everything carefully, we will make any number of changes until the final draft is complete and you are happy. Our goal is to make sure you have an application that will get results and shows to an employer what you have to offer.

Our expertise takes your ability to write selection criteria out of the selection process. 

Step 5: Final Copy

All material is provided in MSWord so you can change and edit yourself.  We keep a copy on a database, just in case.

Can you use this application again?

Yes.  The document is yours to keep and use as you like. Be careful each Government application is different. Of course we can help to adjust, just ask.

What do I get for my money?

Individual interview over the phone

Selection criteria prepared specifically for you

MSWord completed document

Unlimited edits until you are happy with the final product

Back up copy held on database

Be patient, quality writing takes time

Don't waste more time

Call 1300 723 735, we make Government applications easy.

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