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Load Coordinator Resume and Cover Letter Package


Load Coordinator resume and cover letter provides all the text and content required for people in the freight and distribution industry

Real text and content covers all aspects of roles including Freight Supervisor, warehouse officer and delivery driver

Includes the Load Coordinator Letter for a complete and professional job application package

Bonus content includes additional styles, interview eBook and guide to using your templates

MSWord document, easy to edit

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Product Description

The Load Coordinator Resume and Cover Letter package has been built for people with experience in freight and logistics.  Use our text and content to show skills in the complete management of freight including all aspects of receipt and distribution, vehicle and driver coordination and document management.  Real text is provided for positions such as:

  • Load Coordinator
  • Freight Supervisor
  • Warehouse Officer
  • Delivery Driver

Use our content and real text to improve your resume and demonstrate your skills and experience.

Use the Load Coordinator Letter to significantly improve you job application.  This letter creates a great first impression.  Our text highlights the benefits of your career in the management of freight and logistics. Great content and a professional structure provides the final touch to your job application.  The Load Coordinator Letter has the technical information you need to apply for jobs in this industry and competitive job market.  This letter makes it easy to create a professional application.

Exactly how easy it is to use our products, watch the video and see for yourself

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Sample text from resume:


  • Undertake extensive planning and scheduling to coordinate freight and load movements from warehouse to customers
  • Coordinate and manage the daily distribution of freight organising personnel and equipment
  • Update and maintain documentation and records for freight distribution
  • Liaise closely with warehouse staff to prepare material for distribution
  • Interact with customers on a daily basis in relation to timeframe, delivery instructions and problems
  • Solve issues such as discrepancies in freight forwarding
  • Manage dangerous goods from storing through to distribution
  • Contribute to freight billing procedures including over or undercharging issues
  • Support the identification and management of preferred supplier agreements

MSWord document, easy to edit

Full after sales service

Complete Package

  • Finance Administration Resume and cover letter with real text and content
  • Two alternative styles you can use
  • Comprehensive guide to how to use your template from saving to adjusting style and content
  • Interview eBook – Make that final step to winning a job and perform at interview


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