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General Entry Mining Resume and Cover Letter


Having trouble breaking into the mining sector, we have the solution

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Comprehensive Mining Resume and Cover Letter focused on people seeking entry level positions with no mining experience

Great structure and real content with duty statement and skills

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Entry into the mining sector is competitive.  You have relevant skills but how do show an employer.  The General Entry Mining Resume and Cover Letter Package does this for you.  This resume looks at a number of practical positions and roles typical of people trying to enter this sector and translates these skills into language and terminology matched to the mining sector.

The General Entry Mining Resume has professional content and text gained from our extensive experience in writing resumes for the mining sector.

The included General Entry Mining Letter will be the first thing a potential employer reads about you.  Use our text and content to ensure that you provide a professional and well structured job application.  Use our content to show why you would be an asset to the mining sector. The General Entry Mining Letter has the content you need for a professional job application.

Exactly how easy it is to use our products, watch the video and see for yourself

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Sample text from resume: 


  • Operate plant and equipment including excavators and front-end loaders
  • Manage civil construction works to required standards
  • Undertake trenching for service installation on site
  • Manage completion of works to required standards
  • Load and unload trucks in accordance with requirements
  • Undertake pre-start safety checks on all equipment
  • Participate in Toolbox talks to discuss safety and operational issues
  • Work closely with other staff and principal contractors in order to maintain efficient and safe operating environments

MSWord document, easy to edit

Full after sales service

Complete Package

  • Finance Administration Resume and cover letter with real text and content
  • Two alternative styles you can use
  • Comprehensive guide to how to use your template from saving to adjusting style and content
  • Interview eBook – Make that final step to winning a job and perform at interview


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