Business Writing for Beginners

Basic business writing

Write professional material

The preparation of business documents is often overlooked as the most vital aspect to starting and running a business.  After conducting due diligence, establishing a plan, identifying your market and beginning operations there is a strong chance your very next task will be to prepare some kind of written material; brochures, introductory letters, marketing material, social media posts, e-mail marketing, company profile and many others.  Business owners under estimate the impact of this information as the very first impression a potential client or customer has of their company.  The production of quality, targeted and relevant written information is essential to business growth and attracting customers.

Here are a few simple tips that will get your business content looking polished and professional:

Understand Your Audience

It may sound simple but understanding the audience is the most important aspect to producing any written material.  Listen to your customer and understand their perspective or requirements of your business.  A simple tip is to write down the questions a customer asks when enquiring about your business.  This will provide a foundation from which to build your response and provide relevant, interesting and targeted material.


Understanding your audience will also determine the language and terminology required.  Presenting a general brochure to the public will have significantly different language to a targeted letter or expression of interest to a potential client.  Use language that is easy to understand yet reflects your knowledge and technical capability.

Language is also important for maintaining a consistent flow and presentation of information.  Overwhelming clients with overly technical information almost guarantees a loss of interest.  Structure your information and use language that flows and engages the audience.

Be Consistent

Consistency is essential throughout all written material produced.  Maintain your style and brand including presentation, language and key messages.  Being consistent maintains a link between the multitude of different written mediums and documents produced for business.  This consistency contributes to your brand and ensures that your material is well recognised and resonates with customers.

Key Message

Each business has a point of difference or key message.  Identify yours, highlight this and reinforce your message to the customer.  This can be a brief, short phrase that summarises your position in the market or point of difference with competitors.

Call to Action

Every document, expression of interest, correspondence or social media post should have a purpose.  When presenting an expression of interest or proposal to a potential client ensure there is a clear call to action.  Ask yourself what would you like the customer to do?  Whether this is to make a phone call, review a document, access the website or make a response ensure this is clear and simple to follow.  Using an effective structure which includes opening and closing paragraphs to documents will provide an opportunity to clearly state your business proposal and deliver a call to action.

These simple processes apply to all business owners and are important to ensuring your material is well presented and polished.  Writing high quality material is about research, writing, editing and then editing some more.

Best of luck in your new venture.


John Matthews