Winning Tenders from Second Place

Winning Tenders from Second Place We have covered many times the importance of understanding competitiveness in winning tenders.  The majority of businesses are aware that tendering is a competitive process and winning tenders is more about performing in the selection process.  Many companies have the capability to undertake contracts however winning tenders and being competitive [Read More..]

Keywords for Job Applications

How to get noticed and get results At some point as a job applicant you will be subject to software that scans your resume and application for keywords. It becomes increasingly likely that the first stage of many applications for job seekers will not be assessed by a person. A client came to us recently after [Read More..]

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback:  Have you learnt to spell yet? Negative customer feedback hurts.  There is no getting away from that.  So when we received the following feedback it was sharp. “Have you learnt to spell yet?” We can put out the usual list of excuses, customers that don’t understand the editing process, preparing 5,000 words a [Read More..]

Resume Hacks

Resume Hacks The right information in a glance Are you sick of reading endless blogs on how to write your resume?  Some people think that we are crazy, but here is it, our greatest resume hacks, posted online for a limited time.  Turn your resume from rubbish to outstanding in minutes.  Seriously if need help [Read More..]

Winning Government Jobs

Winning Government Jobs Employment within the Government sector is considered by many people to be a safe and secure option.  On a daily basis we provide assessment to clients in relation to their suitability for positions and potential to be successful within the recruitment process.  The most difficult concept for potential applicants to understand when [Read More..]

How much does a resume cost?

How much does a resume cost? Professional resume services are in abundance.  A simple search on Google reveals a wide range of services and options available to the average person.  Just in our local region of Townsville, resume services vary from small, part-time operations to businesses like ourselves who are full-time and have extensive experience. [Read More..]

The business of writing

Business Writing

The Business of Writing I started this business in 2001.  Before that I was always being asked to help friends with resumes, Government applications and tenders.  When these people started to win jobs and contracts I thought there could be something in this. From the very beginning I started with the one idea, individual content. [Read More..]

Beat Redundancy

Beating Redundancy

How to beat redundancy? Get ahead and come out a winner Never is there more terrible news for an employee when your position is made redundant.  The Australian Broadcasting Commission on the 11th of September 2012 reported that the Queensland Government would axe 14,000 positions.  So far the Queensland Government has delivered on its promise.  [Read More..]

Selecting Referees on a Professional Resume

Are referees important on your professional resume? Absolutely. The majority of employers will ask for referees, this is a very common and often mandatory requirement. Many people struggle to select the right referee or get this process right. How important is it? Here are a few comments from recent clients that reinforce this: Referees not [Read More..]

Resume Length, How Many Pages is Enough

Is length really important?  In short yes.  This is the most asked question we have as part of our professional resume business.  How long or how many pages should your resume be? This is a challenging question and one that keeps circulating almost on a weekly basis. Here is what we consider when deciding resume [Read More..]