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6 Quick Resume Fixes

Recently I was searching for a client’s resume within our database and realised we had more than 17,000 resumes, cover letters and government applications stored for clients.  A business like ours does not produce that many job applications for clients without seeing a number of common issues.  Most people will be surprised some of the [Read More..]

Get Back to Work

People take a career break for a variety of reasons. The most common are family leave and overseas travel. By far the largest representation within this group are women who spend a number of years raising children and staying home with family. This is by no means a generic statement as tough economic conditions has [Read More..]

Do I need a quality management system?

It is not uncommon when dealing with our business clients to be asked the benefits and potential costs of a quality system.  We engage many clients to prepare professional tender documents as a growth strategy.  The next logical step often appears to be the potential development, implementation and certification of a quality management system.  However, [Read More..]

Job Application; Dealing with Rejection

Why nobody loves you? Technology is great.  For example at The Writing Wizards I am planning on making a voice recording with the following text: “To win a job you must be competitive against other applicants, being able to do the job alone is not good enough” On average I would repeat this phrase 3 [Read More..]

Resume Writing is Marketing

Even if you are from Mars Quite some time ago when I was still applying for positions in the community sector I attended an interview for a project coordinator role. This was a panel interview with two members of the community and the current manager of the service. Throughout the interview everything progressed as normal. [Read More..]

Resume Errors

Resume Errors – Telling it Straight Oh, and crying babies When our little boy was young, approximately 12 month old, he was a terrible sleeper.  We tried everything and as new parents we were struggling.  When sleep for all three of us got to less than 2 hours a night, for quite a few nights [Read More..]

Tenderlink Review

Tenderlink Review, a Strategic Decision Unless you have been hiding under a rock it is difficult to avoid tender notification services.  Tenderlink is just one of many services that provide notifications.  In fact Tenderlink along with a number of other services has so many features and products now from basic notifications through to tender writing [Read More..]

Online Resume Presentation

Online Resume Presentation Is the online presentation of your resume preventing you from getting jobs? If you found a potential vacancy online it is almost certain your job application and / or resume will be submitted electronically.  We have been writing resumes for more than 14 years.  During this time there has been a significant [Read More..]

Winning Tenders from Second Place

Winning Tenders from Second Place We have covered many times the importance of understanding competitiveness in winning tenders.  The majority of businesses are aware that tendering is a competitive process and winning tenders is more about performing in the selection process.  Many companies have the capability to undertake contracts however winning tenders and being competitive [Read More..]

Keywords for Job Applications

How to get noticed and get results At some point as a job applicant you will be subject to software that scans your resume and application for keywords. It becomes increasingly likely that the first stage of many applications for job seekers will not be assessed by a person. A client came to us recently after [Read More..]